Why Gray?

I have this friend….who has made me realize that compared to some,  I am really wise.  (We all need at least one friend like that, don’t we?).  I said something to him tonight in the heat of a conversation that inspired me to create this blog.  He’s a guy that wants answers and explanations, rules and regulations, his life to be in black and white.  “You need to Learn the Gray, my friend” is what I said to him.  And it hit me…and here I am.

There are so many things in our lives that we need and rely on to be black and white.  There’s a comfort in knowing that there will be no surprise when we turn a certain corner.  That there will be an expected outcome to a common situation.  

We as humans commonly make the mistake of trying to find that comfort in the wrong place.  We refuse to believe, at our own detriment, that there is not a black and white answer.  We look for the many boxes we have available to check or the many labels we’ve allowed ourselves to create to justify our behaviors and decisions and commonly look to those same boxes and labels for explanations for others’ behaviors and decisions.  

I’m 34 years old.  Ancient to some, a baby to others.  Nonetheless, I’ve learned in the 34 years of my life that there is a lot of gray in this world.  It’s a gray that comes from the fact  (some would call it merely a notion) that there are limits to the things in this world that an individual can control.  The difficulty lies in an individual’s idea of what those limits are.  Hint: When you’re dealing with other people, good luck!

You bring to the table your life’s portfolio of circumstances and experiences.  It’s what makes our lives unique.  This blog will be a reflection of one person’s portfolio of circumstances and experiences, mostly derived from the circumstance and experience shared with others.  You might laugh, you might cry, you might think I’m full of shit.  Either way, read up…and tell your friends about it!


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