A New Way

I can’t say I watch much life changing television. I peruse a fair mix of trash TV (hoarders), educational programs, and a decent array of the things that everyone else is watching (Dr. Phil, Orange is the New Black, etc…). Of the later category I always watch weight loss shows, namely The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss for a little added inspiration to stay in shape. I’m pretty knowledgeable, for the layman, when it comes to fitness and losing weight. I’ve studied it a bit and have been my own guinea pig. I found myself profoundly inspired by a comment that Chris Powell made during the last show that I watched. He told the contestant during an insane workout that “the average person only lives up to 50% of their potential.”

This struck me for a number of reasons. One, and this is my own hang-up, it’s a totally arbitrary statement. You can never know what your full potential is. Even if you have achieved great success in any particular way – whose to say that isn’t actually only 50% of what you’re capable of? Two, once I got over myself, I realized that this is the beauty of it. It means that the sky’s the limit, right? Barring actual physical and/or mental handicaps (and I imagine even some of those can be overcome) there is really no end to what you can achieve.

I quickly tried to come up with ways to maximize my potential; I choose to believe I have plenty of it. Setting out to conquer my world is a large task so I started thinking about how I can take the first step. The first thing I did was turn of the damn TV. It was a step, albeit a baby one. It may seem silly that I would turn off my source of inspiration. I’m certainly not going to claim that I’ll never have a lazy night on the couch again. But, in all honesty, I have been “relaxing” a bit too often these days – not sure who I think I am.

Then, I took a page from my professional life. I created a to-do list for the next couple of days. Everything from workout times, chores, personal development, household projects, etc…the visual has helped me actually keep on track. I even cross things off as I finish them. It’s amazing how many more hours in a day there seems to be. My current to do list has been written through Sunday, I’m curious to see how I feel after this 4 day experiment. So far so good!


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