Ne’er do…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Kick the Bucket.”

Hmmm.  A tough one.  Things I never want to do, places I never want to go etc…

I’ve never really given this too much thought.  Most of our lives we tend to go on and on about the things we want.  I guess knowing what we don’t want or are not interested in is equally important in making the thousands decisions we make daily. I’m going to try to come up with FIVE ne’er dos.  Good luck to me!

1.  Heroine.  I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with illegal substances, nothing too crazy but heroine is something I have absolutely no interest in.  I have some people close to me that have tried it and say it’s amazing…thankfully I’m past those peer pressure years.

2.  North Korea.  I wouldn’t say that I’d never go there.  What I would say is that it’s at the bottom of my places to go list.  I feel like I would have a hard time going into any country that has absolutely no freedom of thought.  I’m wise enough to know when I’m getting fed a bunch of bullshit propaganda from one entity or another, I can only imagine how horrible it would be forced to live in a society where the only information you’re given is meant to control you.

3.  Double Century.  I was tempted to even put a century ride in this slot but I’m pretty sure that in a moment of weakness I can be persuaded to get on the bike for 100 miles.  The pain and agony these tortured souls must go through to ride a bike for 200 miles is something I’m definitely not interested in.  I’ve seen the looks on their faces as their working their way though…nothing about it looks fun.  I’m simply not one of those people that does something just to say I did it!

4.  A Hummer.  Unless for some reason I end up in a war zone I don’t really ever want to own or drive a hummer.  I see them on the streets and they look ridiculous.  They are such an eye sore and totally dysfunctional for any type of living, urban or rural.  I may have a slight bias against them.  I was driving one in 2006 when I got my DUI. Ugh.

5.  Justin Bieber.  Enough said.


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