In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”

There are a few moments in my life where someone had no idea that they’ve changed my life for the better.  The one that stands out the most at the moment is the day that I learned how to make authentic Mexican salsa by watching one of my childhood friends mother make it.  I have known her for years and years and we’ve had a great relationship despite our very clear language barrier.

This one particular night, we were preparing a bunch of food for a family get together.  For those of you that have Mexican friends, you know how easy it is to find something to get together for.  A cultural attitude I wish would rub off on others.  I’ve always loved her salsa so I decided to learn how to make it.  As I mentioned before, we had a pretty substantial language barrier so I learned by watching and actually taking notes.

The result has been amazing.  I make the salsa every chance I get because people have fallen in love with it. I’ve heard people making flattering compliments about it at potlucks.  I’ve received special requests that I bring it to birthday parties and gatherings.  The beauty of it is that it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to make.

She has no idea how much social credibility she gave me with allowing me to stand over her and learn “her salsa” but it’s something I’ll carry with me forever and I’m totally grateful!


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