Santa Baby

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Secret Santa.”

To give a gift.  For the most part, I’m not a huge fan of the tradition that has become holiday spending.  There’s a tendency, in our country, at least that gives off the impression that the level of love you have for someone should be shown by the amount of money you spend on them.  And to be perfectly honest, most presents these days are thoughtless and hurried.

No spending limit is interesting.  I generally don’t have the capacity to think about things that are insanely expensive.  So it’s a tough thought for me, as it should be for most people, expense not being an issue.

My first thought when reading the prompt was of the President.  He’s a guy that has been basically shit on for the last 8 years doing things that no one before him has been capable of doing.  You don’t have to agree with him policies to get the fact that he has been woefully mistreated by the people that vowed to represent us, the American people, in running out country.  I can’t think of any other instance where this type of behavior would be okay by most people’s standards.  But, I digress…this is a subject for a different post.

My next thought was to think of something that my mom would like.  She’s completely taken advantage of and it would be nice for her to be given something that would be just for her that she can enjoy.  That said, she’s not much of an adventurer by any stretch of the imagination, so nothing really comes to mind for her.

My dad has ideas and would no doubt be able to find the end of seemingly endless resources.  I feel at times, however, that my dad has a tendency to be a little hesitant to pull the trigger.  I’ve seen him decide that he’s going to do something but that something has to be predicated by hours and hours of planning, and I’ve seen that planning result in the scrapping of the project.

You wouldn’t think that this would be a hard thing to come up with but it has been pretty difficult for me to think of anything.  I’m sitting here racking my brain for charities that I’d support, or expensive things that people in my life could use and I’m full of ideas yet drawing a blank.  I have even thought of what I could anonymously give myself.  lol.  It’s become the problem of an semi-full parking lot.  When you have so many choices its difficult to choose which you want.  Life is much more simple if you only have one choice.

I’ve decided to go simple on this one.  I think I would give my cousin’s oldest son a full scholarship to whichever college/university to any place he wanted.  I would include grad school (even medical or law school) with that.  He’s a kid that has serious potential but has been trapped by his family into a life that is less than his capacity.  I think he’d probably be fine on his own but a gift like this would help him feel a sense of freedom and confidence that he’s been never been afforded him.

And with that…boring right?


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