The Hard Questions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Good Faith.”

I can’t think of the first time I came to question “the religious life”.  I had been raised in a Methodist church and my parents were and still are casual followers – my description, not theirs.  I do remember the only time I enjoyed church was the choir.  I have a vague remembrance of singing itself – but I have absolutely no idea if I was actually ever in the choir.  Weird right?  My sisters and cousins were always active so I may just be accepting the choir as my reality as well.  Anyway…

We had Sunday school, I hated that.  Every Sunday was followed by the regular service.  I sat there, week after week, listening to the word, as they called it.

Like I said, I don’t remember when I started questioning it all.  I have, for a long time, known where I stand on it.  I try to avoid conversations about religion because I’m tired of the conversion speeches.  But when I get pushed…I do push back.

I’ve had two recent encounters that come to mind that solidify everything I believe.  The first was innocent enough.  Some Witnesses came to my door and wanted to talk to me about the current state of the world.  It doesn’t take a religious person to recognize the troubled state our world is in, but of course, a zealot will always attribute the atrocities of this world to the evil influences of demonic forces. When I explained to the nice ladies at the door that I don’t believe in the Devil either…they didn’t have much to say.

The most recent encounter is the one I have the most trouble with.  I was having a conversation with one of my firm’s client, a client which, for whatever reason, is particularly concerned with my dating life.  He suggested that I try to meet a man at church.  Ridiculous…was my first, not to mention current, thought.  Reluctantly, I divulged that I wasn’t the religious type.  Then it started; the questioning.   I won’t bore you with the details but the takeaway was this – and I quote “what motivates you to be a good person if you’re not afraid of God.” Scary right? It’s my problem with organized religion in a nutshell.

So, you ask, what do I  place my faith in?  Naïve as it may be, I actually think that we as humans have what it takes to make it all work…the right way.  It’s where I put my faith, God help me 😉


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