Wind is a game changer isn’t it?  It can make a cold day colder, a warm day warmer, wreak havoc with everything from hairdos to gardens to communities but can equally be a source of comfort with its music, its flexibility and its potential for energy.

Wind is a tool of one our classical elements.  That said, it may be the most valuable tool that air has in its belt.  Ask a firefighter in the midst of the craziness in Southern California, or my family and friends in tornado alley (Texas) or any seaman worth a lick the effect that wind has on them during crunch time.

I’ve experienced my first real wind here in Australia.  Of course I’ve been in wind before but nothing that rattled windows and shifted vehicles.  Thankfully I haven’t been caught out in it without the security of a quick retreat to safety.  Being that it’s winter here, the wind is usually quite cold.  I’m curious as to what the summer will bring.

Wind has a bright future.  I’m confident that at some point its usefulness will equal its destruction.


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